Exhibitor Information

We are seeking exhibitors who are artisans, craftspeople, and makers to kick off the Christmas Season in Hickory! The goal of the show is to showcase unique and handcrafted items for attendees to purchase for gifts, deck the halls of their own home, or treat themselves.

About The Event

Hickory Christmas Show is an indoor show that is at the height of Christmas Shopping season. It will take place inside the Hickory Metro Convention Center in Hickory, NC.

The focus of the show is on handmade items, specialty foods, and will include local boutiques with unique apparel along with companies selling unique items not available in stores.

For this 3-day show, booth prices start at $400

Becoming an Exhibitor

-- Please Read Before Applying --

The 2024 show will be greatly expanded in size, but the show will fill up quickly.

We are a fast-track juried show. What that means is the following:

Step 1 - Review the floorplan below, then scroll down to fill out and submit your application.

Step 2 - We will begin reviewing new applications in the order they are received. You will receive a response by early June with approval, disapproval, or waitlist status. Note: We limit the number of vendors per category, but do not offer exclusives.

Step 3- If approved, you will receive a link to the floorplan along with your booth assignment. With this link, you will be able to pay a $100 deposit and upload information to enhance your exhibitor listing. We ask that you take this action within 3 days of approval. If not, we reserve the right to select another exhibitor. It may sound odd, but we have found that some people apply but don't take the necessary actions to secure their booth.