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Baby, it’s (not so) cold outside! But we’ve got Christmas Spirit at the Hickory Christmas Show!

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We currently have a wait list, but we still encourage you to apply.

December 2-3, 2023
Hickory Metro Convention Center
Hickory, NC
Exhibitor Move-in: December 1st, 2023


We are seeking exhibitors who are artisans, craftspeople, and makers to kick off the Christmas Season in Hickory! The goal of the show is to showcase handmade and handcrafted items for attendees to purchase for gifts, deck the halls of their own home, or treat themselves (we're not here to judge)!

The focus of our show is on handcrafted and handmade goods. Some of our categories include:

-Handmade Gifts
-Home Décor
-Home Furnishings
-Kitchen Goods
-Leather Goods

-Outdoor Décor
-Personal Care
-Personalized Gifts
-Pet Goods

How to Apply

1. Download the Exhibitor Kit below
2. Apply online
3. Get approved in 1-2 business days!
4. Secure your booth online through the link in your approval email

We've chosen to be a juried show, with a fast track application process. When a category is full, any further applications will be placed on the waiting list. The integrity of the show is important, as such we seek to protect our exhibitors- we want to keep the focus on artisanal, handcrafted, and unique goods. Help us make it a handmade Christmas, with the Hickory Christmas Show!

Sign up is easy, click the "Apply Now" button below to fill out our application. We will get back to you within 1-2 business days with your application status.

Once approved, you will receive an email with a link to make your booth selection, select any extras (tables, chairs, or booth electrical), and pay the booth rental fee. You will have 3 business days to do so. If you miss this window, you will have to apply again. Please be sure to check your junk folder, as they sometimes get placed there.

Booth Rental Prices (Multiple Booths Can Be Selected):
-10' x 10' Standard: $350
-10' x 10' Premium: $400

Download our Exhibitor Information Packet Now!

Ready to Apply?

Why Hickory Christmas Show

Show Design

Presentation is at the core of our shows. Our show includes draped booths. We literally roll out the red carpet and cover the concrete. We invest in high quality signage and decoration.

These efforts will transform the convention center into a boutique environment. By presenting an elegant atmosphere, products automatically look more impressive than if the show looks like a flea market. This benefits exhibitors through increased sales.

This photo shows the carpet and draping from one of our other shows

Event Guide

One observation we’ve made about other shows is the lack of continued promotion. Even worse, as an attendee, you can see something great at a show, but then have no way of getting in touch with a vendor later if you didn’t pick up a business card.

For each of our shows, we produce a professionally designed event guide. It contains a map of the show, a listing for each exhibitor, and some ads. For this year’s guide, we will be including some favorite holiday recipes. The guide will serve as both a reference during the event as well as later on.

This is an image showing one of our guides from a previous show.

Social Media Promotion

We are planning several blog/social media posts that will focus on gift giving guides such as “10 gift ideas for men” or “Best gifts for your boss,” etc. Each guide will not only be general items, but will spotlight exhibitors who will be offering the items at the Christmas Show

Controlled Categories

We are a fast-tracked juried show. We want to do everything within our control to help our exhibitors be as successful as possible. As part of that effort, we are limiting approvals in each of our categories. This has several benefits - it reduces competition for exhibitors (there won’t be 50 booths selling the same products as you), unique items create a better experience for attendees, and the show overall will be balanced. We are also rejecting applications that are unsuitable for the vision of the show - Handmade or unique gift items.

Saved Spot

Once you’re in, you’re in. We plan to continue to organize the Christmas Show for many years to come. Preferential treatment will be given to previous exhibitors. This first show is the one opportunity to get in on the ground floor rather than being on a waiting list. Once the booths are sold out, they’ll be gone.


Show promotion will not be limited to social media. We also plan to utilize traditional methods such as print and direct mail. And we are researching partnership opportunities to increase reach.

What Sets Our Show Apart

Interactive Floor Plan

Once you are signed up, you will be able to enhance your listing to show relevant categories, your logo, and a description of your business. You will also be able to add links to your social media and website and you can even add a video, if you'd like.

The interactive floorplan is available now, and will serve as a digital resource for anyone considering attending the show.

Because of the interactive component, the floorplan is up-to-date in real time. This means you can see who is occupying the booths around you. As soon as you select your booth, it will immediately show any information you choose. There's no need to wait for a call back, an email from a team member, or being placed in a spot you wouldn't choose - you are in control!

Event Guide

We want our shows to provide lasting value for exhibitors and attendees. Therefore, it is important to us that we provide everyone with a high-quality printed event guide.

The guide will include a listing for every exhibitor along with whatever contact info they’d like to provide (not everyone likes their address printed, for instance).

The size of our event guide is 5-1/2" x 8-1/2". We print them on quality gloss paper so that they can serve as a keepsake from the event and something attendees will want to keep as a reference.

In addition, we are offering half page ads ($100) and full page ads ($200) to exhibitors and sponsors.

Detailed listing for your business includes information of your choice!
-Booth Location & Number
-Social Media
-Address & Phone Number (if desired)

Coming Soon!

-Sponsorship Opportunities
-Community Outreach

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about exhibiting at the show. You can contact us at office@hickoryshows.com