Gift Guide for Personal Care Items

Gift Guide for Personal Care Items

In this guide, we're highlighting Gifts for Personal Care. Our amazing vendors have so many great options for personal care items.

Have great gift boxes with facial scrubbies and also have gift sets of washcloth sets with scrubbies. All gift sets will include an extra surprise.

Customized Makeup with Seint Beauty, a brand known for its unique approach to makeup application, often referred to as “IIID Foundation.” Seint promotes a simplified and customizable makeup routine, focusing on achieving a flawless complexion and emphasizing the use of minimal products for maximum effect.

Handmakes amazing grooming goods for men that help them look, smell, and feel their very best!

Light This Bitch Candle Co. says "Candles are one of the best self care items I use to relaxe. My scents are made to take you to a place of feeling loved or adventurous. They are sure to set whatever mood you may need at that time."

Scrappy Pants (Booth 513)

Sometimes personal care includes getting something nice for YOU - one of a kind, up-cycled scrappy pants! Get yourself something that no one else will have, and everyone will be talking about! You deserve it! Carrying inclusive sizes 0-26.

Divine Safety (Booth 115)

Offers personal safety and security products: personal alarms, self-defense keychains, pepper sprays, decorative stun devices and similar safety products.

Christmas tumblers are a personal touch for your gift giving!

Color Street (Booth 504)

Color Street is proud to offer revolutionary nail polish strips, nourishing hand and nail care products, premium makeup, and the opportunity to sell products you love to create the business you want.

"Love the outdoors but don't love what comes along with it? We have great solutions! Everything from wild foraged salves for dry skin to bug balms for those pesky pests, we have you covered!"

These are just a few gift ideas for Gifts for Personal Care. Be sure to keep these vendors in mind when visiting the Hickory Christmas Show, December 1-3, 2023. To purchase tickets for the show click here.

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